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Becoming a member is a big step no matter which club you decide to join.

Here at Glen Gorse, we will do everything we can to help you integrate into the club. We are fortunate to have a good mix of all age groups, gender and abilities. There is also a full calendar of competitions, league matches and team events. In addition to having access to a spectacular golf course, you will also have use of the training ground, putting greens and clubhouse. If you currently don’t have a handicap then there’s no need to worry as we will work towards getting you an official CONGU handicap.

If you fancy playing another course, then we have a reciprocal golf arrangement with Lingdale GC, Scraptoft GC, Kettering GC, Northampton GC and Blankney GC.  We also have a special agreement with Peterborough & Milton Golf Club, whereby no fees will be levied.

For more information on how to book a tee time and the booking process, please click here.

Our social events team will welcome and encourage you to take part in events. These can range from themed nights, dinner and dance to simple bingo and film nights.



Junior Members

Our thriving Juniors section forms the roots of the club. They (boys and girls) continue to consistently perform well at county level and we are justifiably proud of their achievements. Our Juniors coach, Bob Blair, has enjoyed consistent success with the Junior teams and welcomes all new younsters who wish to play in the team matches.


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2018/2019 Subscription Fees - 12 months for new members from 1st May 2018

Membership Type     CatAssociate Member SubscriptionFull Member Subscription
Full member (age 36+) A £1130 £1075
31-35 B £820 £780
26-30 C £630 £600
19-25 D £300 £285
12-18 E N/A £120
Under 12 F N/A £50
Over 75 G £825 £790
Restricted Weekend Play H £1020 £975
5 Day (Monday - Friday) I £935 £890
Flexible (Rolling year) X N/A £425
Trial  Y N/A £199
Country (living 50+ miles from the club and hold a handicap elsewhere) J £350 £335
University / HM Forces K N/A £150
Social L N/A £58.33 + VAT
Social Spouse M N/A £37.50 + VAT

All fees excluded EGU/LRGU affilition fees which currently stand at £16.50 per year

Continuing for 2017/2018 is our Family Offer.  The logic behind the family category is a simple recognition that golf can be enjoyed by all family members but often the overall cost can be prohibitive.  We want to encourage as many golfers to get their children involved in golf without taking on a significant financil burden.

Where 2 or more family members are represented in Categories A or B, up to 2 children, in Categories E and F and 1 child in Category D will be included Free of Charge.  Any further children in Categories E or F will be charged at 50% of full price.

Where 1 or more family member is represented in either Category A or B, 1 child in categories E or F will be included Free of Charge and 1 child in Category D will be charged at 50% of full rate.  Any further children in Categories E or F will be charged at 50% of full price.

Associate Membership is very much the same as being a Full Member except that you do not have a stake in the club. The Membership Fee is not applicable to Associate Members which reflects the higher annual cost.

Restricted Weekend Play Membership

Restricted Weekend Play membership allows you play anytime from Monday to Friday. You can also play at weekends after 2:30pm on Saturday and after 12pm on Sunday.

The Social and Social Spouse Membership

The Social and Social Spouse membership allows you to enjoy the club house, the discounted bar, restaurant and social events. It restricts you from using the course.

Flexible Membership

The Flexible membership is a credit based system and has been offered to those who are new to the game or do not have the time to take advantage of full membership. This category of membership is open to new members or former members who have NOT been playing members for over 2 years. Click here for more details.

Trial Membership

Our Trial Membership is an introductory membership option and a pathway to full membership. It gives 3 months unlimited golf and use of all the club's practice facilities. Tee times can be booked on line via the BRS system. Trial members do not qualify for a handicap and cannot, therefore, play in club competitions. There are incentives for Trial members to upgrade to full membership at any time. For more information contact


We have a range of payment plans for Subscriptions and Membership Fees. Please speak to our Club manager or Membership Officers for further information. Payment of Subscriptions in full at the start of the season is rewarded by a prompt payment bar reward, which allows us to top up your bar card!.




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