The Golf Course

Hole Eight

From the 8th tee, you will not be able to see the green which is tucked away at the top of the hill behind a formidable row of large trees. The tee shot must be struck to the left centre of the fairway, from where all will be visible before you. A short iron from past the fairway bunker is all that is required to reach the green, but beware a large bunker to the right of the green. The bail out shot is to the left of the green where there is no trouble at all.

“Drive to the left side of the fairway if you can carry the fairway bunker. This makes the second shot easier as it avoids playing over trees and a bunker to the right of the green.”
Richard Reed Club Professional
Course flyover

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Course open

      Saturday 21st October

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  • Course open.
  • Please give way to contractor.
  • Placing allowed.
  • Please make sure you can see first bunker in fog before teeing off.