The Golf Course

Hole Fourteen

Although not the longest hole, this par 4 is rated as stroke index 1. The drive is semi blind with a small hedge obscuring the view. The fairway is ridge and furrow and tends to throw the ball to the right where trees await along the length of the fairway. Having successfully negotiated the tee shot, the player is faced with an awkward lie and an uphill shot to a raised green which is extremely narrow for two-thirds of its length. Additionally, anything that pitches right will always bounce towards a small group of conifer trees. Take a club more than you normally would to ensure you find the back portion of the green. The pin is at it's most difficult to find when it is tucked away behind the left-hand side trap. Gratefully accept your par and move swiftly on.

“A good drive down the right centre of the fairway sets up the best angle into this very narrow two-tier green. ”
Richard Reed Club Professional
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        Sunday 17th December

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  • Course open
  • Placing allowed, Closely mown area's and in the rough.
  • Temporary greens may be used in frosty conditions.
  • Please make sure you can see first bunker in fog before teeing off.
  • Please repair pitchmarks
  • Play prohibated from temporary greens